Your views on European social security rules for pilots

As a pilot you are probably familiar with moving across many European countries. If you move to work or reside in another EU country, you will also be covered by another social security system. And every social security system is different.

That leaves many of you puzzled: am I entitled to child care allowance? What about unemployment benefits or what happens with my self-employment status if I temporarily work abroad? All this could become a complicated, bureaucratic nightmare with sometimes questionable end result. What is your personal experience? We want to hear from you!

ECA is collecting information to evaluate the current rules in Europe. This is why we want your feedback on 3 questions related to social security coordination in Europe. By answering this quick online survey, you can help us address these issues at EU level. Please fill in and encourage your colleagues to do so as well! 

Deadline: 30 Sept 2015