Atypical forms of employment – the new “norm” for pilots?

Pilots working on a temporary basis, independent or (bogus) self-employed workers… The combinations and forms of employment nowadays go far beyond the traditional full-time, open-ended employment with a single employer over a long time span. A new EU-funded study – relying on first-hand information provided by pilots based in Europe – aims at gathering data about the changing employment culture and challenges related to it. Centrepiece of this study is an online questionnaire. It runs for an initial period of 2 weeks until 13 September 2014. Pilots from across Europe are encouraged to participate!

Carried out by the University of Ghent and co-financed by the European Commission (DG Employment) the study is initiated by the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Civil Aviation (incl. airlines' employers and employees).

The outcome of the study will provide data about the extent, nature and consequences of these new ‘atypical’ forms of employment and help to give input for future EU actions in this area. ECA strongly encourages you to have your say and fill out the questionnaire!