Meet our new colleagues – Technical Policy Advisor

ECA’s team has recently acquired a new face – that of Paulina Marcickiewicz – ECA’s new Technical Advisor. A lawyer by background, having studied in the EU and in the US, and worked in EU affairs for the last 4 years, meet Paulina.

“Before arriving in Brussels, I lived and worked in Paris at the Embassy of Poland. For what concerns my personality and attitude towards work, I am a goal oriented person, and my primary motivation for work is a belief in a cause and conviction that with skills and determination one can change the world around us. But why did I want to make an impact in the world of aviation?

As long as I remember – the technology and engineering aspects of flying fascinated me. Back in the days, at my University in Poland, I was a plane-spotter at Cracow Balice Airport (EPKK). Later on, as a volunteer, I worked abroad in flying clubs and aircraft restoration associations, such as IT MERCURE at Paris Le Bourget. There, having survived the most sophisticated jokes of former Air Inter pilots and Dassault engineers, and actually enjoying their company (and jokes) – I decided that “aviation-junkies”-circle might be just a perfect place for me. I continued building my experience by flying sailplanes in the EU gliding club (CEVV) and staying in touch with the industry as much as possible. Already at that time my intention was to work on aviation safety issues and accident prevention. Now, at ECA I will be working with you on issues such as training, licensing, operations, helicopters, relations with EASA, flight time limitations.

While I am taking over from an excellent predecessor, I am sure that together with the ECA Secretariat,  dedicated Technical Board Directors, and input from all of you :-) we will achieve new, ambitious ‘safety’ goals. After all – the sky is no limit to us!”


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