ECA comments on NAI application

“For the first time in aviation history, the agreement includes a dedicated article on the social dimension of EU‐US aviation relations. This will not only ensure that the existing legal rights of airline employees are preserved, but that the implementation of the agreement contributes to high labour standards.”

This statement made by Commissioner Kallas with the completion of the EU‐US Open Skies negotiations in 2010 illustrates very well the spirit of the EU-US Air Transport Agreement. Four years later, the same agreement & its social dimension – protection of aviation workers – might be bluntly undermined by a European airline, under the blessing of the same European Commission.

The EU & US authorities have a legal basis for opposing to Norwegian Air International’s operations plan and its foreign air carrier permit application! ECA, together with We Are ALPA & the Transportation Trades Department AFL-CIO outlined a number of reasons why authorities should #denyNAI’s application. Read more in our latest submission to the US DOT, filed on 25 August 2014. 

EU–US second-stage Open Skies negotiations