Coping with unruly passengers

Disruptive passengers continue to be a major issue and a serious threat to both safety and security of all those on board of an aircraft. The 2nd DISPAX World – opening today (10 June) in London – will address the causes of unruly passenger behaviour, the responses available and the implications for carriers and states. 

Dispax Conference on Disruptive Airline Passenger BehaviourNico Voorbach, ECA President, together with industry experts will be looking at international legislation and just how robust it is. What steps have been taken to update the Tokyo Convention? What are the barriers to further progress? The panellists will set out the outcomes of the recent diplomatic meeting on the subject in Montreal and then debate whether they have sufficient teeth to act as a deterrent, and whether they provide for states – which enact appropriate legislation – a suitable framework by which offenders can be prosecuted.

On 11 June, Nico Voorbach will also be moderating the debates about possible passenger restraint & best practices to deal with unruly passengers.

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