European pilots vote

Our everyday lives are impacted by the EU in so many ways that we cannot ignore the European Parliament elections. They are a chance to shape the future of Europe.

In the run-up to these elections, we asked 7 pilots, who dedicated their lives to improving their profession and aviation safety to paint the picture of the European Union today and tomorrow.

What will they do on “Election Day” and how does this reflect their personal and professional aspirations for better & safer aviation. To find our read our “Election Day” Special! 

19 May 2014

“On Election Day, we will shape one of the most important legislative bodies in Europe – its Parliament. I do not think of it as a “bureaucratic monster”. Quite the contrary. It is the voice of European citizens, the voice of reason, consensus and pragmatism. As such, the new Parliament should ensure applying the lessons drawn from the financial crisis when serious deficiencies in regulation and oversight brought Europe on the brink of a collapse.

Closing loopholes is not enough. The Parliament must ensure highest safety standards through binding legislation. It must enforce them and act decisively to ensure the safety of Europe’s public!” 


"Na dan izbora dati ćemo oblik jednom od najznačajnijih legislativnih tijela Europe – njenom Parlamentu. Ne mislim da je Europski Parlament „birokratsko čudovište“. Upravo suprotno. To je glas građana Europe, glas razuma, konsenzusa i pragmatizma. Kao takav, novi Parlament bi morao uzeti u obzir lekcije iz nedavne financijske krize, kada su ozbiljni nedostaci u regulativi i nadzoru doveli Europu na rub kolapsa.

Popravljanje uočenih nedostataka nije dovoljno. Parlament mora osigurati najviše moguće standarde sigurnosti kroz prikladnu legislativu. Mora ih implementirati i odlučno djelovati da bi očuvao sigurnost građana Europe!"

Tomislav Gradišar - CROALPA

20 May 2014


Aircrew employment – more than an “issue”

“Employment is one of the main European elections campaigning issues – equally popular with all political parties. When it comes to pilot jobs, gaining access to the pilot profession is becoming extremely difficult in Europe. This leads to employment relations, which exploit pilots, such as the “zero-hour contracts” and “pay-to-fly schemes”.

Fake “self-employment” or abuses of “posted workers” undermine social standards and threaten employment conditions for all European pilots. The new European Parliament should provide the framework for fair and decent working conditions.”

Capt. Ilja Schulz, President Vereinigung Cockpit


21 May 2014

Protecting European jobs!

“On Election Day, do not think only about what the EU did or did not achieve in the past but how we can go forward in the future. Finding ways for aviation and all sectors to compete on a level playing field in all aspects– without undermining Europe’s values – is essential.

European airlines are really threatened by unfair competition from state-owned, heavily subsidised  carriers from the Middle East. Our industry needs viable solutions to survive. We have to ensure the European infrastructure to remain a key asset and and we have to secure our European economic, social and moral values!”

Steven Verhagen, President VNV Dutch ALPA


22 May 2014

I vote for safety!

"Voting on Sunday means to me that I’ll be voting for decision-makers who will hear our concerns and will start regulatory initiatives to make aviation safer. To me one of those concerns is the emerging new “creative” types of pilot licenses and qualifications.
For example, the “Multi-crew Pilot License” and the “Cruise-relief co-pilot”, which both reduce the training standards and provide for less training hours. This is why on Election Day my message goes to the ones who cherish true airmanship and are dedicated to aviation safety: cast your vote for the decision-makers that will make aviation safer."
Capt. Capt. Siegfried Lenz - General Secretary, Austrian Cockpit Association
23 May 2014
A fair Europe
"For years, Europe has been trying to root out tax evaders and corporations arbitrarily relocating their business, shopping for ‘flexible’ regulations, low taxes and flexible work contracts. This is increasingly becoming a problem. On Election Day, I hope Europe will start to take strong measures against social dumping and unfair competition.”  
Capt. Javier Martinez de Velasco - SEPLA