Social Dumping in aviation: Public Hearing on 11 Feb

“To work as a pilot or flight attendant is a dream job for many people,” says the invitation for a Public Hearing in the European Parliament. “Unfortunately,” continues the invitation “often, this dream has little to do with reality. Behind the glamorous appearance of the aviation industry an unbelievable system of social dumping has been developed by many “low cost” and charter airlines.”

Public Hearing Social Dumping in aviationOn 11 February, Members of the European Parliament will gather in Brussels to discuss the aspects of bogus self-employment and the various employment models in aviation. EU Parliamentarians recently adopted a resolution, calling for adequate social protection for the growing numbers of self-employed workers in the EU. The rapporteur of the resolution, Ms Steinruck, will host this hearing, co-organised by the German pilots’ association, Vereinigung Cockpit, where airlines and union representatives will unravel the difficulties flight crews are facing to secure decent employment The participants will also identify ways forward to tackle social dumping in aviation.

The hearing coincides with a growing media attention on new employment practices by certain European airlines leading to the end of the ‘employee’ status model. These companies are using significant proportions of self-employed pilots but have come under fire for possibly setting up a complex system of “bogus “self-employment”.  

The EU Parliament’s recognition of these problems is a first – and welcome – step to tackle them. 

Download Jim Phillips' (Vereinigung Cockpit) presentation from the hearing in pdf.