ECA publishes Annual Report

Ensuring that the new EU-wide Flight Time Limitations are safe and scientifically-based, undoubtedly continued to be a top priority for ECA’s advocacy throughout 2013. Yet, along with this, ECA has made progress on a number of other initiatives and legislative actions. To encapsulate and reflect upon the year gone by, we have put together some of these achievements and highlights in the ECA Annual Report 2013.

Published today, the Annual Report tells the story of 2013 from the perspective of 3 main pillars: ECA’s advocacy, technical work and stakeholder relations. Central in the report, is the progress made on the EU Occurrence Reporting Legislation and ECA’s advocacy for solid Just Culture provisions and strict protection of safety incident information and of those who report it. We also look back at common initiatives and projects, through which ECA has not only advocated for safer aviation but also enhanced its relationships with key aviation stakeholders s such as EUROCONTROL, SESAR JU, EASA, EUROCAE, IFATCA, and many others in Europe and beyond.

In addition to what we have achieved, you will find highlights of the challenges ECA faced and what our future priorities are. 

Download the ECA Annual Report 2013 here.