Pilots to attend EP Plenary vote on Flight Time Limitations

On Tuesday and Wednesday pilots and cabin crew will attend the EP Plenary discussions and vote on Flight Time Limitations in Strasbourg. Watch this space for images and instant updates from the vote. Download the Pilot Flight Time Media pack by the EU Parliament press service here

Update Wed

14:39 First reactions after the FTL vote



12:16 In a disappointing vote, this afternoon, the European Parliament adopted the unsafe EU Commission proposal for Flight Time Limitations. 


11:20 Last call for Flight Safety: ECA President calls for rejection of the proposal in an opinion piece for the Parliament Magazine.

11:03 The FTL vote is scheduled to begin at 11:30. The Plenary session is webstreamed. To follow live the vote click here. Recommended browser (Internet Explorer).

10:49 The FTL vote in the EP Plenary will shortly begin. Pilots call MEPs to reject the proposal. In a PRESS RELEASE, published just minutes ago, ECA President Nico Voorbach states: “A few unsubstantiated verbal ‘clarifications’ by Commissioner Kallas, made yesterday late evening, do nothing to make these Flight Time rules safe or acceptable for pilots and cabin crew,” and adds "We urge the Members of the EU Parliament to follow the vote of the specialised Transport Committee and vote in favour of the motion for rejection of the proposal." Read more in press release pdf

Update Tue 

16:40 Later on today, a DEBATE on FTL will be held at the Parliament. The debate is expected to start around 21h and will be wesbtreamed. Click here for live broadcast of the EP Plenary. 

15:30 Pilots and cabin crew attended a PRESS CONFERENCE organised by MEPs from the EP Transport Committee. Among the organisers of the Press Conference were Eva Lichtenberger (Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance), Knut Fleckenstein (Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats),  Michael Cramer (Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance), Georges Bach (Group of the European People's Party), Jaromír Kohlíček (Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left) and Isabelle Durant (Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance). They reminded journalists about the dangers of aircrew fatigue and reconfirmed the decision of the Transport Committee to reject the proposal. The MEPs reminded the EU Commission that amendments to the text are crucial and could still be made before the vote tomorrow.

Unedited footage from the press conference will soon be available online

European pilots in Strasbourg

13:30 In half an hour a press conference on Flight Time Limitations will start in Strasbourg. 


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On 30 Sept, the EU Transport Committee rejected the Flight Time Limitations proposal of the EU Commission. With a large majority of 21 votes to 13, the EU Parliamentarians said a clear “no” to the rules, proposed by EASA and the EU Commission. The proposal for flight times has been heavily criticized as not being scientifically-based. The vote took place amid worrying reports that the majority of European pilots fall asleep while in control of an aircraft, a fact already revealed by the ECA Pilot Fatigue Barometer in 2012. The vote heralds the Transport Committee’s resistance to vote against scientific recommendations. Read more...