Croatia Airlines pilots reach deal on new contracts

Ending a 7-day strike action that began on 14 May, Croatia Airlines pilots and cabin crew have successfully reached a compromise agreement that will allow the company to face the challenges of the future.

Croatia Airlines pilots reach deal on new contractsPilot and cabin crew associations in Croatia had called the strike in protest against the company management’s intentions to seriously downgrade the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA), including some key safety provisions, which expired in March 2013. 

Amid scenarios for bankruptcy, raised by company management and Croatian Minister of Transport, Sinisa Doncic, pilots and cabin crew effectively engaged in negotiations and showed their strong interest in a prosperous and stable airline company. In a letter to CRO-ALPA, ECA had expressed support for Croatian pilots in their efforts to reach consensus on the continuation of their CLA and the preservation of the safety standards currently contained in their agreement. 

ECA’s support came as a response to concerns that Croatia Airlines management is keen to take out the safety provisions on Flight Time Limitations. Such a radical step may negatively affect the safety of Croatia Airlines’ operations and cannot be justified with company restructuring. ECA welcomes the compromise reached between pilots and the airline to establish a firm basis for efficient restructuring of the company and its preparation for EU membership on 1 July 2013.