Global Pilots' Symposium 2013

IFALPA’s 68th Annual Conference was according to tradition kicked off with lively discussions at the Global Pilots’ Symposium (GPS). On 11 April, pilot associations’ representatives from around the world gathered in Dublin to discuss the future of the airline industry.

The GPS offered insight and advice for pilot leaders how to make sure their associations stay ahead of the challenges of aviation (see video below). After a keynote speech by Randy Babbitt, outlining the components of a global sustainable airline business model, attendants gathered in breakout sessions. Three panels looked into why it is important to be closely involved in legislative processes and decision-making, how to negotiate sustainable working conditions for pilots and how to organise effective communications. 

The first panel, The Pilot Partisan Agenda, focused on effective strategies for pilots to contribute to regulations and legislation which affect aviation. This panel aimed at assisting pilot leaders in understanding the importance of developing the relationships with decision-makers and committing the necessary resources to have a relevant voice in all situations where government decisions and regulations would affect pilots.

The second panel, Today’s Negotiations Are Different, looked at the complex negotiations environment. Union leaders, who have recently experienced complex negotiations, emphasized on the importance of innovative strategic planning in negotiations.



The third panel on Communications in the Modern Age highlighted strategies and specific tools that could help pilot associations take communications with their members to the next level. Effective communications will help pilot groups build relationships, keep pilots informed, gain their support and most importantly dispel rumors.



Powerpoint presentations from the panels are available on the website of the Global Pilots' Symposium