ECA discussing civil aviation labour market

ILO Dialogue Forum, Geneva, 20-22 Feb 2013

Dynamic changes in civil aviation have direct implications for the industry’s more than 8 million workers worldwide, including pilots. To discuss the economic crisis in the civil aviation industry and other issues of sustainability, ECA is taking part in and contributes to the Global Dialogue Forum, 20-22 Feb 2013, organised by the International Labour Organisation.

“Airlines have only limited possibilities to influence fuel prices or aircraft costs, leaving labour expenditure as the category management can control,” explains David Seligson, an International Labour Organisation expert for the civil aviation industry.

The objective of the Forum will be to discuss the effects of the economic crisis in the civil aviation industry, in order to reach a common understanding of the difficulties the industry has undergone due to the structural change, the effects of the low-cost carrier model on the industry as a whole, and to reach a consensus on a common approach that could contribute to a more sustainable industry.

ECA Deputy Secretary General, Ignacio Plaza, present in Geneva: “The discussions are going in a very constructive way and we’ve already reached consensus on several important points. The stakeholders agree on the importance of continuing dialogue and increasing cooperation between the International Labour Organisation and ICAO. We are also promoting the idea of a study on flags of convenience to be carried out as soon as possible”.