IALPA and ECA share concerns on new Flight Time Limitations rules with Irish Transport Committee

ECA-IALPA Transport Cttee meeting, Dublin

On 06 Feb, the Irish Airline Pilots' Association (IALPA) and ECA discussed the newly proposed EU Flight Time Limitation rules with the Joint Oireachtas Transport Committee in Dublin.

IALPA safety and technical officer Capt. Paul Cullen warned that flight schedules disrupting the pilots’ sleep patterns can cause dangerous levels of fatigue. The same is true for extended standby periods followed by long flights, and when flying for longer than 10 hrs during the night. To prevent such fatigue, stressed ECA Secretary General, Philip von Schöppenthau, the proposed new EU rules must be changed, and he encouraged Ireland support such changes. Read more in the Press Release of the Transport Committee and The Irish Journal.