22 January: 'Walkout for Safety' Action Day

Pilots and cabin crew across Europe will ring the alarm bell against the new European flight duty time rules. Under the motto ‘Walkout for Safety’ the action will include simultaneous demonstrations at major European airports, handing over of a Safety Petition with approx. 100.000 signatures in Brussels, flash mobs, awareness-raising actions for passengers and possibly local work stoppages.
In Brussels a delegation of pilots and cabin crew distributed flyers in front of the EU Parliament and EU Commission.


The action was followed by a joint ECA-ETF press conference at the Hotel Silken Berlaymont.
In the picture: Philip von Schöppenthau, Secretary General, ECA
Francis Nardy, Vice-President of ECA
François Ballestero, Political Secretary for Aviation, ETF
Elisabetta Chicca, Cabin Crew Committee Chair, ETF
At 11:30 the deleagtion met with EU Transport Commissioner's Cabinet Member, Margus Rahuoja, to hand over a petition with more than 100,000 signatures.
The Safety Petition has also been handed over to Mr Brian Simpson, Member of the EU Parliament and Chairman of the EP Transport Committee. 
The delegation met also with MEP Van Dalen, Vice President of the EP Transport Committee.
Photo credit: ©sanderdewilde.com





In the UK, the campaign logo ‘Wake up, tired pilots risk lives’ has been projected into a number of recognisable buildings including the CAA, Department of Transport and the Houses of Parliament.
A delegation of pilots handed over a dossier of evidence to Number 10 Downing street, the Department for Transport and the CAA (London office).



The Netherlands

Approximately 300 pilots and cabin crew in the Netherlands ensured a large turnout at Schiphol Airport. A mix of pilots and cabin crew from KLM, Transavia, Martinair and Arkefly walked in a long line through the shopping center and the terminals. The march ended at Schiphol Plaza, the main airport entrance, where journalists had enjoyed a good photo opportunity with the sun nicely lighting the snowy surroundings. During and after the march, pilots and cabin crew distributed flyers to passengers.


Representatives of FTTUB and cabin crew started the campaign "Walkout for safety" at the territory of Sofia Airport, Terminal 1 and 2, at 11:00 local time.
Within some hours, thousands informational flyers "Your Safety First" were distributed to the arrivals and departures passengers. The campaign provoked interest and has received support both from passengers and employees of Sofia airport. They all expressed their willingness to help promoting the campaign and to sign the online petition.

In the early afternoon, Ekaterina Yordanova, president of FTTUB, participated press conference, organized by CITUB, which topic was the cost of living in December 2012. She presented to the media (TV, newspapers, radio, online media) the "Walkout for safety" campaign and FTTUB’s position, in terms of crew fatigue and its impact on the work and safety on board. She also presented a draft FTTUB’s proposal for national position, regarding the procedures of consultation with the European Commission and EASA about regulation and enforcement of FTL and FDP for commercial air transport by aircraft.

FTTUB thanks to all participants in the campaign at Sofia Airport, and also to all who support our efforts to defend the rules on aviation safety and security, based on scientific evidence.



More pictures from UK, Sweden, Belgium and many other countries are available in the gallery below:

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