ECA ‘hijacks’ EASA Press Conference

EASA-ECA press conference Brussels

On Monday 1 Oct, in the Brussels office of EASA, many journalists felt like there were 2 press conferences happening at once. One by EASA’s officials, who presented the new Flight Time Limitation rules. The other one took place in front of the building and showcased ECA’s representatives, expressing their concerns about the regulation.

“After the publication of this very disappointing text by EASA, we had no other choice but to show our presence”, says Nico Voorbach, ECA President. “Our voice has been repeatedly ignored. So we had to make sure that the journalists hear our voice.”

ECA representatives presented the pilots’ key concerns to journalists and distributed ECA’s press materials. Finally, amid growing interest by media, ECA released its Capt. Dead-tired video illustrating the safety impact of this regulation.

Watch the video here