ECA condemns the Publication of Black Box Recordings of the Spanair JK5022

Cockpit Voice Recordings (CVR) from the black box of the Spanair Flight JK 5022 that crashed on 20 August 2008 after takeoff from Barajas Airport have been made available on the website of several major Spanish media outlets. As an organization representing pilots and respecting the legal and ethical code, we insist that these publications are stopped with an immediate effect.

The flight recorder’s purpose is to facilitate an investigation of an aircraft accident or incident. Making the recordings of the deadliest Spanish aviation accident in 25 years public is a violation to the law and an act of disrespect for the victims, their families and the crew.

ECA President, Nico Voorbach, has reminded the editor of the media which first uploaded the recordings that CVRs are an essential tool of safety investigations and serve for investigators to determine the causes of accidents and prevent future deaths of people. The use of voice recording in other circumstances is illegal and infringes the right to privacy and dignity of the persons recorded.

Even more offending and untactful are the advertisements which precede each fragment of the recordings. Advertising in the context of such a dramatic event proves a total lack of respect for our deceased colleagues and passengers.

ECA strongly condemns this publication and will be writing to the Spanish and European authorities to inform about this and to request an investigation on how these recordings have been deviated for an illegal publication.