EASA Publishes its Proposal for Future Rules on Pilots’ Licensing

On August 27, EASA published its proposal for a new Commission Regulation on personnel requirements laying down Implementing Rules for Pilot Licensing. This marked the end of a long and labour-intense EASA process including thousands of comments on the earlier proposal, which has been published in 2008, and culminating in EASA’s final proposal being published with a 2 year delay.

The document, which will define and regulate all aspects of pilot training in Europe as of April 2012, is now in the hands of the European Commission and will follow the “Comitology” procedure with scrutiny (meaning that both Parliament and Council have the right of veto).

ECA has been involved from the outset in all the drafting and review groups. Our experts are currently checking the 200+ pages of the EASA text in order to establish those issues we would like to see addressed in the upcoming Comitology process.