EU Latin America Civil Aviation Summit, May 2010

The European Commission, the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC) and the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC) jointly organised a first EU Latin America Civil Aviation Summit. This brought together top-level policy makers and industry executives from all sectors involved in the European and Latin American aviation and aerospace industries and services, providing an important platform for fostering a policy dialogue, facilitating and enhancing co-operation between the EU and Latin America in aviation.

During the three days of the Summit, representatives of the Governments, Regulators, Air Transport Industry, Air Traffic Control and Airports had the opportunity to share analysis, opinions and perspectives on co-operation in all the challenges that civil aviation faces – safety and security, market liberalisation, social impact, airport infrastructure, environmental challenges, air traffic management. More than 400 people, all of them high level decision makers and able to influence in political, regulatory, social and industrial matters in their respective countries took part.

ECA were very active throughout the Summit andIn particular, Captain C. Salas, on behalf of the ECA, presented the Association’s perspective under the title: “Comprehensive Air Transport Agreements: the Pilots' approach”.

This summit proved the preface to further OAA agreements between the regions. Three important agreements were signed by the EU and Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC) and the EU and Brazil:

  • Memorandum of Understanding with LACAC that will enhance cooperation between Latin America and the EU in aviation.
  • Agreement between the EU and Brazil on a "horizontal agreement" and an agreement on safety. The “horizontal agreement” updates the legal framework and establishes legal certainty for all air carriers operating flights between Brazil and the EU. The safety agreement aims to expand cooperation in all areas of safety, facilitating trade in aeronautical products and services, reducing costs and simplifying administrative procedures for authorities and industries.

Captain Carlos Salas, ECA Vice President