Training for Pilots' Representatives – Essential for Effective Representation

In professional organisations, such as national pilots' associations, ECA and IFALPA, the work done relies mainly on pilot experts who volunteer to represent pilots' interests in a wide variety of bodies and working groups at European and international levels. And effective representation requires, amongst other things, good training. This is why ECA promotes training organised by IFALPA, with pilot attendance arranged through the national Member Associations. Therefore, if you are a pilot and are interested in one or several of these sessions, ECA invites you to contact your home association for more information on how to register.

25-27 May, Luxembourg: IFALPA Safety School. The IFALPA Safety School (ISS) covers Accident Prevention Advisor and Airport Liaison Representative aspects and marries them with a training module that will give attendees a basic grounding in the structure of the Federation as well as ICAO. More information can be found here.

7-11 June, Helsinki: IFALPA Safety Week:

  • TASC Course, to help member associations set up a technical and safety committee
  • Local Runway Safety Teams course (LRST): This course is designed to equip pilots with the knowledge and background information they need to become effective members of LRSTs, as well as effective pilot representatives in airport matters.
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Course: it is aimed at giving to the participants an introduction on SMS, in order to ensure proper implementation at company level and participation of the pilots into the process.
  • Airport Liaison Representative (ALR) course: This course is intended to provide training to enable a Local Runway Safety Team representative to upgrade to an ALR and become involved in airport operations and safety committees that go beyond the runway and taxiway safety issues.