New EU Fatigue Rules Kick-started

On 4th December 2009, EASA eventually started its long-awaited work on the EU's next generation of pilot fatigue law. This rulemaking work – called "OPS.055 Task" – aims to develop a comprehensive set of science-based fatigue rules, which will replace the EU's insufficient rule-set of today. The new rules will be based on safety considerations, rather than on social or commercial ones.

The OPS.055 Task comprises 5 representatives from the National Aviation Authorities, 5 from the airline operators, and 5 from staff organisations (ECA and ETF). Supported by EASA's rulemaking unit and an independent Chairman, this group of aviation stakeholders will have the difficult but important task to come up with strong proposals for new EU fatigue rules, which will be issued as a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) by late summer 2010. The aim is to have a new fatigue law in place by April 2012.

ECA and its Member Associations will actively contribute to this work. Our aim is science-based fatigue rules, based on safety considerations, and complying with EASA's mission of setting the 'highest common standards of safety' for Europe and its travelling public.