ECA Calls on MALEV Management to Negotiate with Hungarian ALPA

In 2007 MALEV was subject to a highly secretive and ultimately commercially unsuccessful privatisation. The private management has used intimidation and bullying rather than adopting European best practices to run the Airline. At this week's ECA General Assembly, delegates from 38 European countries representing over 38,650 professional pilots in Europe unanimously supported the following motion:

"This ECA General Assembly supports its colleagues from Hungary who have been subject to disgraceful attempts of intimidation by their employer MALEV Hungarian Airlines. Illegal threats to fire representatives of their professional pilots will not solve difficult problems in the airline industry. These actions are counterproductive and a slap in the face of European best practices. We call upon MALEV management to work with the elected representatives of HUNALPA to jointly address any real challenges affecting the airline, in a European spirit of partnership."

ECA President Martin Chalk summarised the delegates' positions: "Successful airlines work with their key professional staff to address common challenges within their companies. MALEV Management should follow the lead of other European Airlines in fostering a partnership approach, guaranteeing success for MALEV, returns for shareholders and secure meaningful employment for their employees."

See the ECA Press Release (PDF)