Italian Pilots Call for Recognition of their Unique Contribution to the Industry

Alitalia is being used in a political battle in Italy.

The newspapers and media in Italy have been lead to understand the problem with Alitalia is pilots' and other workers' salaries and conditions, rather than years of management failure. Consequently, Italian Professional Pilots are being forced to defend their principles and their right to be represented by a fellow professional pilot.

Currently, there is a convergence of interests between industrial and confederal unions in Italy which aims to conclude of a single contract for all Alitalia workers: pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff. The reason stated is to simplify industrial relations; however, this is unlikely to be the outcome. No other civilised country uses such a "one size fits all" model in a complex and safety sensitive industry.

Contrary to the position across Europe and all other industrially advanced countries, pilots, who bear the greatest responsibility and share with cabin crew the highest risk, would not be adequately represented using this simple model. This would inevitably have a negative impact on industrial negotiations. It might even have negative consequences for flight safety for which pilots are the last line of defence.

ANPAC, which in Italy, Europe and the World, is universally recognised as the professional body for pilots based in Italy, cannot accept the single Alitalia contract.

The European Cockpit Association, representing over 38.100 flight crew from 34 European countries, supports ANPAC and urges the institutions, industries and Italian trade unions to recognise and enhance Italian pilots' human and professional capital, which is crucial to ensure the future and development of Alitalia and, above all, the safety of passengers.

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