First Road Show to take place in the Baltics

In June 2007, the ECA "Road Show" Working Group was set up. The aim of this group is to work with the Member Associations (MAs) of ECA coordinating greater and more efficient use of resources, and spreading best practice to help better accomplish their mission. The MA identifies the issues covered by the Road Show, such as negotiating the Collective Labour Agreements, understanding the EU Institutions, lobbying vis-à-vis the national authorities, etc.The first Road Show is scheduled for 11-13 June in Vilnius, upon request of the Lithuanian Pilots' Association (LCALA - a member of ECA since February 2008). ECA Professional Affaires Director, Teppo Tyrmi, the Working Group chairman, Kari Voutilainen, as well as staff of ECA and IFALPA will form the core group. They may be joined by technical experts and by representatives of "Fostering MAs" (e.g. from Iceland, Finland and Sweden).The Road Show's programme will be closely tailored to LCALA's needs to ensure maximum added value to our Lithuanian Member, as well as our Latvian and Estonian members, who will be invited to this event.