Spanish Airline Pilots Association (SEPLA)

Founded in 1965, SEPLA (the Spanish ALPA) stands for Sindicato Español de Pilotos de Líneas Aéreas and represents the collective interests of all pilots from almost all Spanish airlines and helicopter companies. It was born at the time of Franco's Regime, when the citizens were not enjoying many social or political rights. Nevertheless, the original association (ASPLA) made its work representing pilots before the Spanish Authorities, and by 1966 became an IFALPA member.

In 1977, after the constitutional rights were restored in Spain, the citizens' right of association under a union scheme was acknowledged by the Parliament, and thus ASPLA became SEPLA.

Functionally, the union is organized under the mandate of the General Assembly, which meets regularly once a year. An Executive Board meets monthly. This Board is chaired by the President, and it is made up by the President's Team or Executive Council, the Labour Councils Leaders, the Technical, Social, Institutional and Communications and Media Relationship Departments.

The corporate day by day is managed by the President and five more active pilots, among them the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Staff and advisors (around 35) on different areas, help to manage all the matters, from administrative to legal, industrial or media relationship. All of them work at Madrid HQ, though some staff is based in the offices of Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Valencia and Terminal 4 of Madrid-Barajas Airport.

SEPLA represents, vis-à-vis the Authorities, the companies and society - the labour and professional interests of 3500 airline, helicopter and general aviation pilots. This means that over 95% of Spanish commercial pilots are SEPLA members. Furthermore, SEPLA extends its social responsibility to another 2000 retired and new pilots, as well as pilots who have lost their license, that are union members with a special status. SEPLA is a founding member and the main keeper of SEPLA-Ayuda, a non-governmental organization that takes care of needy girls and boys in Malabo.

SEPLA - a founding member of ECA - is pleased to host the next ECA Conference/General Assembly in Madrid, on 21-22 November 2007.