It's Time! ECA Seminar on Trans-national Representation

As announced previously, ECA has been granted co-funding from the European Commission to organise a Seminar on "Trans-national Collective Representation and Bargaining in Europe: The Pilots' Approach". This is to be held in Brussels from 9 to 11 May 2007.

The aim is to investigate pilots' collective representation and bargaining rights and opportunities within multi-national European airlines. In this framework, we have planned a busy, 3-day programme that will bring together representatives of ECA Member Associations with representatives from other employee and employers' associations, airlines, officials from European Union institutions and experts on trans-national collective bargaining issues.

In order to allow the participants to exchange experiences and have detailed discussions, the 10th of May will be fully devoted to three workshops. This will follow the first day, dedicated to informative presentations by officials, representatives and experts in the field. The general conclusions of the seminar will be presented and discussed in the plenary session on the third day. A final report, detailing the issues and conclusions will be prepared by early Summer and disseminated through the ECA website.