Commission to Study Aviation Policies' Social Impact

The European Commission decided to launch a study on the social aspects of air transport policy. This study will analyse the effects of EU liberalisation of air transport and related legislation, also taking into account developments of the last ten years, including EU enlargement.

The objectives of the study are to evaluate the principal trends of air transport within the European Union both from a quantitative point of view (direct jobs), and qualitative point of view, i.e. developments in terms of working conditions and of wage conditions. The study will also address the impact of the major "external" events which could have a positive or negative impact on the industry such as the effects of competition, external events (war, epidemics...), and aviation agreements with third countries.

The aim of the study is to give the Commission tools to evaluate the potential social implications of future legislation and policy initiatives.

ECA fully supports this initiative and had encouraged the Commission to carry out such a study. In the past many EU legislative proposals had been launched without looking into their potential effect on employees. ECA hopes that this study will open a new avenue to address and regulate aviation, balancing ALL interests: safety, economics, environment, consumers AND also employment.