Pilots Condemn Public Disclosure of Tuninter Cockpit Voice Recordings

The European Cockpit Association (ECA), as the voice of European pilots , expresses its serious concern on the recent public disclosure of cockpit voice recordings of Tuninter flight 1153. On 6 Aug. 2005, an aircraft of Tuninter crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea (Sicily), killing 16 people, including one crewmember.

Proper accident and incident investigations are crucial for enhancing safety levels in European skies. Flight data recordings provide essential data for this aim and it is of paramount importance to restrict their use to only safety investigations..

The public disclosure of such recordings constitutes an invasion of privacy for pilots and other operational personnel. More importantly, it may prejudice the opportunity for the industry – and the victims’ loved ones – to learn the truth about the accident and to prevent future accidents.

ECA Board Director, Juan-Carlos Lozano: "The publication of the Tuninter voice recordings is unacceptable and will harm confidence in Europe's air safety system. ECA requests European Aviation Authorities to increase the protection for all safety data sources, including cockpit voice recorders, to the maximum possible extent. For the sake of safety!"

See Press Release (PDF)