Effective security is a foundation stone for safety in civil aviation. ECA has been deeply involved at European level; both directly with the security specialists as well as at the Stakeholder Advisory Group for Aviation Security (SAGAS). ECA believes it is in the interests of the whole industry that strong effective measures against those who seek to disrupt our business are put in place.

Given the recent terrible terrorist events in the USA and Europe, there has been a "sea change" in the approach to aviation security. A number of measures were implemented which had passenger confidence as well as efficient security as their raison d'etre. However, we have been working quietly back towards the need for good security measures, which are properly consulted for their effectiveness and which do not unnecessarily hinder the safety and security specialists (including the flight crew) from working efficiently.

ECA was successful in persuading the EU Authorities to adapt the recently introduced restrictions on liquids and cabin bags to the operational needs of the crews. We argued, successfully, that we should be seen as part of the solution, not part of the problem! ECA will continue to work closely and proactively to ensure that aviation security in Europe enables a safe and efficient air transport system.