Are your Airline's AOC, your contract and your base all in different countries?

For a growing number of professional flight crew in Europe, there are questions as to which countries' employment law protects them. ECA has been very active in working with our Member Associations to ensure that where a pilot works for an airline based in one country, under a contract from a second and is based in a third, all the relevant National Pilot Associations are working together to provide a seamless service.

At our most recent Conference, all ECA's Member Associations signed a Convention which lays out the areas to be covered, and provides a process by which all the detail of how the representation of a Trans National Airline's pilots would be undertaken. The philosophy underpinning the Convention is that if a pilot is a member of one of the ECA family of Associations, s/he is a member of them all.

On the same subject, ECA has applied for and received a grant for co-funding from the European Community for a Seminar next spring to investigate the shortcomings of the collective representation and bargaining rights within multinational European companies. This will be undertaken in addition to the coordination of representation for professional cockpit crew under the current patchwork of different employment regulations.