A Diverse Membership

As the face of civil aviation has changed radically since the single aviation market was formed late in the last century, so has ECA worked with its Member Associations to ensure all professional pilots will be represented to the same high standards regardless of the size of the equipment they fly or the style of the cabin behind the cockpit door.

ECA has been a strong supporter of the BALPA/IALPA led effort with the Ryanair European Pilots' Alliance. We are determined that they are properly represented, despite their employers' reluctance to derive the benefits from such a partnership. Equally, the EasyJet European Pilots' Group has flourished within the ECA family and now democratically represents EasyJet pilots' interests.

ECA's Regional and Medium Sized Airline Working Group was set up to ensure good communication and sharing of best practice between these airlines' organised pilots. It meets a couple of times a year and its members are active between times ensuring that their negotiators are equipped to obtain the best outcome available.