ECA Reinforces its Presence at EASA

With EASA consolidating its position as central aviation safety body in Europe, the presence of pilot experts within EASA is becoming increasingly important. Having been active in the EASA Advisory Board (EAB) and the Safety Standards Consultative Committee (SSCC), for several years already, ECA has now been successful in securing places for two pilot representatives on two newly created EASA Working Groups on Operations and on Licensing respectively.

EASA set up these important working groups to study the operations and the licensing requirements for its future role in this field. It involves the preparation of implementing rules ? ie. the transposition of JARs into EU law. The pilots chosen by EASA are highly qualified and have had a long presence in the JAA Operations and Licensing Sectorial Teams.

ECA is also present in the newly set up informal EASA Steering Committee which will guide the process of a scientific and medical evaluation of EU-OPS Subpart Q on Flight Time Limitations.

ECA has also managed to secure representation in newly created drafting group subgroups that will focus on commercial air transport, non-commercial operations with complex motor powered aircraft, authority requirements and safety management systems. ECA sent a notice for candidates to all ECA Member Associations and a team of eight pilots was subsequently selected and nominated to EASA. We are also hoping to have further pilot presence in Flight Crew Licensing subgroups on Authority Procedures and medical issues.