MPL Advisory Body? No Paper Tiger!

ECA is again cautioning against some aspects of the new Multi-Crew Pilot License, which will drastically reduce the cost and the time needed for training airline pilots.

Some of ECA's key concerns had been taken up in earlier rounds of JAA consultations. ECA has again submitted a number of detailed comments - accompanied by a Position Paper - in time for the 31st August deadline set by JAA for this final consultation round. In particular, ECA reiterates its demand for an effective Advisory Body piloting the introduction of the new licenses with high involvement of professional organisations, such as ECA and its Member Associations.

While this demand had been accepted by JAA, the proposed format would risk it becoming a toothless paper tiger. This is not what the industry needs for such a new, unknown type of pilot license. ECA representatives will defend our position at the forthcoming JAA LST meeting, in early October.