easyJet Pilot Agreement signed at ECA Conference

Some of Europe's largest pilot unions - members of ECA - have joined forces under a new trans-national agreement to represent easyJet cockpit crew in Europe, from whichever base they operate.

This ground-breaking agreement was signed between the Pilots' Associations from the UK (BALPA), Germany (VC), France (SNPL/France ALPA), Italy (ANPAC) and Switzerland (Swiss ALPA), during the ECA Conference in Brussels on 28th June 2006. The agreement sets up what will be known as the easyJet European Pilot Group (EEPG) and aims to provide the best possible representation for all easyJet pilots, wherever they are based around Europe.

As a first of its kind, the agreement responds to the growing need for representation of pilots employed by the same company but based in different countries with different, sometimes incompatible national labour laws. EEPG answers the needs of 1,100 easyJet pilots based in different European countries.

BALPA will take the leading role for collective representation, while personal and professional support on matters of domestic law or on matters involving the base organisation will also be available to all crew-members from the local association.

This agreement builds on the work of the ECA Working Group on TNA (Trans-National Airlines) and the draft "TNA Convention" currently being finalised by the ECA Conference.