Background Checks Saga Comes To An End

Czech pilots, supported by ECA, have fought very hard since last year to ensure background security checks on aviation personnel don't unduly infringe pilots' privacy and fundamental human rights in the name of security. In mid-May, the new aviation law was approved by the Czech Senate and signed by the President. This law is now in effect, with all references to discriminatory processes removed.

As reported by Cockpit News previously, the core problem was not the background checks as such but the intrusive nature of questions in the proposed government questionnaire which made the whole process discriminatory and disproportionate. The new law ensures security background checks will be done, from now on, according to 'internationally accepted best practice'. Generally this means a normal criminal record search.

Czech ALPA, ECA and its Member Associations can be proud of this achievement, as a seriously worrying precedent has been averted in Europe!