Apr 18, 2007

See ECA position paper: Strengthening Aviation Safety in Europe: Revision of EASA Regulation 1592/2002 (Apr. 2007) - PDF

for details of the ECA Position on the Revision of EASA Regulation 1592/2002

Mar 22, 2007

ECA position on the proposal for regulation on common rules for the operation of air transport services in the community - revision of the "3rd Package" of air transport liberalisation in Europe (Nov. 2006).

For details, please see ECA Position Paper.

Aug 25, 2006

In a position paper sent to the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) ECA cautions against certain aspects of the future new Multi-Crew Pilot License. This MPL license will reduce drastically the cost and the time needed for training airline pilots. In its position paper ECA reiterates in particular its demand for an effective Monitoring Body piloting the introduction of the new licenses.

Mar 2, 2006

ECA applauds the efforts made by the EU Commission to improve the draft agreement from the text rejected in 2004. Despite having some serious concerns which prevent us from giving the draft agreement wholehearted support, ECA believes that overall it represents a reasonable achievement, given the very weak position the EC was presented with as its starting point.

For details, please see ECA Position Paper (Jan. 2006) on EU-US Draft Air Transport Agreement (PDF).

Feb 9, 2006

The EU is reviewing its basic Regulation on security. ECA supports this change towards more effective and flexible legislation. However, together with the other members of the Industry, ECA calls for established consultation to ensure the transparency of the system. ECA welcomes the insertion of a chapter regarding "in-flight security" that will allow the EU to consider aviation security on a complete and coordinated way.

See ECA Position on the Proposal (Jan. 2006) - PDF

See Joint European Air Transport Industry Policy Paper (Jan. 2006) - PDF

Feb 2, 2006

Summary of ECA Position on the Revision of the 3rd Package of Liberalisation in Air Transport.

For details, please see ECA Position Paper (Jan 2006) - PDF