Part-FCL Briefing for examiners

Annex 1 to the European Aircrew Regulation EC1178/2011, FCL 1015(c) requires all examiners wishing to conduct skill tests (ST), proficiency checks (PC) or Assessments of Competence (AC) on pilots holding licence issued by a different country to inform the competent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about their intention to conduct such a check. Examiners have to provide evidence of their privileges as examiners and to receive a briefing from the CAA on national administrative procedures, requirements for protection of personal data, liability, accident insurance and fees.

Put in practice, this regulation means that as of April 2013 examiners will have to inform and receive briefings from up to 31 national authorities. To facilitate this process EASA put together a document containing the latest available information on the relevant national administrative procedures, requirements for protection of personal data, liability, and fees for each EASA Member State (MS). It is intented for use by examiners with a Part-FCL examiner certificate conducting a test, check or assessment of competence on a Part-FCL licence holder whose licence was issued by a competent authority (CA) other than their own. 

This guide is a tool for all examiners looking for relevant information about the procedures in each EASA Member State.

Download EASA's Examiner Differences Document (1.18MB).

Last update on 16/03/2015.