Our Members

Since its creation in 1991, ECA's membership has witnessed a steady growth both in numbers and geographical reach - in line with developments in the EU. In May 1998, ECA expanded its membership to pilots from EFTA Countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland), followed in 2004 by Flight Crew unions from the new EU Member States (Czech Republic, Poland, Cyprus) and Turkey, as well as from the Balkan and Baltic Region (Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia, FYROM/Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro) in 2005. In 2006, further pilot associations from Bulgaria and Estonia joined as full members, and the Cockpit Personnel Association of Russia joined ECA as its first "associate member". In 2007, the Hungarian pilots' association joined, followed in February 2008 by the Lithuanian and Maltese associations. In November 2008 the associations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ALPAB) and Montenegro (MonALPA) joined as full members. November 2009 saw the addition of the Romanian association as a full member and the Ukranian association as an associate member. In June 2014, ECA welcomed two associate members from outside the European region with which ECA has been involved in a privileged relationship since a number of years and cooperating on a number of issue areas: Israel ALPA (ISRALPA) and Moroccan ALPA (AMPL). In the coming years, ECA expects further increase in membership within the wider European region.

See list of ECA Member Associations below.

All ECA Member Associations are also members of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA). This ensures a close coordination of activities, positions and policy statements. Following the signature in 2003 of a cooperation agreement between ECA and IFALPA (which clarified that pilot representation in Europe is the responsibility of ECA - in cooperation with IFALPA), both organisations took their cooperation an important step further, by signing a comprehensive cooperation agreement in 2006. By means of this agreement, and in addition to its role as an autonomous voice of European pilots, ECA takes on the role of IFALPA's "European region", thereby also representing IFALPA in Europe.

Country Member Association
Austria Austrian Cockpit Association (ACA) 
Belgium Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA) 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Airline Pilots in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ALPAB) 
Bulgaria Bulgarian Airline Pilots Association (BUL-ALPA) 
Croatia Croatian Air Line Pilots' Association (CRO-ALPA)
Cyprus Cyprus Airline Pilots Association (PALPU) 
Czech Republic eské sdružení dopravních pilot CSA (CZALPA) 
Denmark Danish Airline Pilots Association (DALPA) 
Estonia Estonian Airline Pilots Association (Estonian ALPA) 
Finland Finnish Pilots Association (FPA)
France Syndicat national des Pilotes de Ligne (SNPL) 
Germany Vereinigung Cockpit (VC)
Greece Hellenic Airline Pilots Association (HALPA) 
Hungary Hungarian Airline Pilots' Association (HUNALPA)
Iceland Félag Íslenskra Atvinnuflugmanna (FIA) 
Ireland Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA)
Italy Associazione Nazionale Piloti Aviazione Commerciale (ANPAC) 
Latvia Pilots' Trade Union of Latvia (PTUL)
Lithuania Lithuanian Airline Pilots' Association (LIT-ALPA)
Luxembourg Association Luxembourgeoise des Pilotes de Ligne (ALPL) 
FYR Macedonia Air Line Pilot Association of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (ALPA-FYROM)
Malta ALPA-M 
Montenegro Montenegrin Airline Pilots' Association (MonALPA) 
Netherlands Vereniging van Nederlandse Verkeervliegers (VNV) 
Norway Norsk Flygeerforbund (NF) 
Poland Polish Airline Pilots Association (POLALPA)
Portugal Associação dos Pilotos Portugueses de Linha Aérea (APPLA)
Romania Romanian Airline Pilots Union (RO-ALPU)
Serbia Serbian Cockpit Association (SCA) 
Slovenia Air Line Pilots' Association of Slovenia (ALPA-SL)
Spain Sindicato Español de Pilotos de Líneas Aéreas (SEPLA) 
Sweden Svensk Pilotförening (SPF) 
Switzerland Pilotenverband Swiss (AEROPERS) 
Turkey Türkiye Havayolu Pilotlari Dernegi (TALPA) 
Ukraine Ukrainian Air Line Pilots' Association (UALPA) 
United Kingdom British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) 


Country          Associate Member Association
Israel Israel Air Line Pilots Association (ISRALPA)
Morocco Association Marocaine des Pilotes de Ligne (AMPL)