Fatigue-related Runway excursion at Keflavik (Iceland)

One of the examples of accidents/incidents in Europe where pilot fatigue was to blame is the serious incident at Keflavic airport (Iceland).It happened with 188 passengers on board, after a flight duty period of 17:20 hours and at a time when the pilots’ “body clock” was programmed for sleep (at 01:55 in the morning) and when they had been without “restorative sleep” for more than 19 hours.The Investigation Report identified pilot fatigue and inadequate in-flight rest facilities as key factors contributing to this incident, and made several safety recommendations addressed to the EU Institutions. All of them focus on ways to better prevent pilot fatigue, among others calling for EU legislation to take into consideration “scientific recent research, scientific evidence, and current industry experience”.Read more details on this safety incident.Read a copy of the Investigation Report.