ECA Structure

ECA Organisation Chart

ECA Conference

The ECA Conference meets four times a year of which one meeting serves as General Assembly.

It is the highest decision-making body, defining the principal objectives and strategy of the Association. It elects the Executive Board, decides on constitutional changes, membership, and budgetary issues.

All member associations are represented. As a general rule, every Member Association holds as many votes as declared members.

Executive Board

The Executive Board acts within the strategic guidelines set by ECA, and is responsible for the daily fulfilment of ECA's aims, working closely with the ECA Brussels-based staff. It is composed of seven Board Directors, each of whom has a specific area of competence (see below). The Board meets at least every month, and every Association is entitled to suggest issues to be put on its agenda.


ECA Secretariat

Based in Brussels, the Secretariat assists and advises the Executive Board and the ECA Conference in representing Member Associations' interests in the development and implementation of European aviation regulations and legislation.

It maintains close contacts with the European Institutions (Commission, European Parliament, Council of Ministers, EASA), EUROCONTROL, Brussels-based trade union organisations and other stakeholders in the field of aviation.


Working Groups

ECA Working Groups are ECA's "backbone" structure for involving our Member Associations' experts and their expertise. They are open to all our members, while their overall mandate and the duration is determined by the Executive Board. Together, these Working Groups cover a great number of the issues ECA is actively working on. Current WG structure is the following:

Working Group Chairman Supported by
Industrial Issues (IND)

James Phillips

John Moore

O. de Bruijn and C. Kopetz, R. Marasco and S. Piri
Transnational Airlines (TNA)   O. de Bruijn and C. Kopetz, R. Marasco and S. Piri
Flight Time Limitations (FTL)

 Didier Moraine

Patrick Magisson

P. Reuter, P. von Schöppenthau and P. Marcickiewicz 
Flight Data (FD)

Renault Bosma

Bert Bonke

P. Reuter and L. Michel

Helicopters (HEL)

David Abad Á. Gammicchia and P. Marcickiewicz
Air Traffic Management and Airports (ATMA) Wolfgang Starke Á Gammicchia and L. Michel
Security Issues (SEC) Martin Drake  O. de Bruijn and R. Marasco
Training, Licensing & Operations (TLO)

Dara van Langen

Wilhelm Wesendorfer

P. Reuter and P. Marcickiewicz
External Relations (ER) inc. EU-US negotiations   D. Polloczek, R. Marasco and I. Plaza