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The Future of Flying in a Single European Sky

The Future of Flying in a Single European Sky

The Single European Sky initiative – set to modernise our airspace – outlines ambitious targets that will create a completely new operational environment, based on trajectory management, highly performing technologies and a much more strategic role for the flight crew. These changes are welcome and – at the same time – raise a number of challenges, such as the ability to increase both efficiency and safety. European pilots, as front end users affected by these changes, outline policy recommendations and prerequisites for successfully meeting the challenges of our future seamless skies.

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Secure Skies

Fair Competition

Improving aviation security is an ambitious task which requires a holistic approach. Key elements of such strategy are stepping from a reactive perspective to a more proactive and predictive one, integrating threat assessment, risk management, differentiation, unpredictability, randomness with global and harmonised solutions. In this paper, ECA maps out the key areas for aviation security today and tomorrow as well as the pilots’ perspective on improving aviation security.

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The case for fair competition in Europe's aviation
Fair Competition

Safe, fast and affordable air travel is a common desire of any passenger. To achieve this, the legislator set the ground for the airlines to compete freely with each other. Nonetheless, while ‘competition’ has become the name of the game, “unfair” is the term that has started to creep in – to the detriment of the industry, its employees and the long-term future of the sector.

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Pilots' vision on weatherPilots' vision on weather

There is a paradox. Few factors affect air operations as much as weather. But the meteorological information available to pilots before and during their flight has not dramatically changed over the last two decades. With the aim to raise awareness and provide stakeholders with a practical tool, Europe’s professional pilots put together excerpts from policy recommendations, regulations, and project findings, along with an in-depth classification of the charts which are essential and highly useful.

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ECA Flight Plan to SafetyECA Flight Plan to Safety

Inadequate regulation, enhanced pilot training, pilot fatigue and the need for a true safety culture to prevent accidents are the four most pressing emerging issues identified by European pilots. While some of these issues, such as pilot training and fatigue, have already made headline across the world, others still tend to fall off the radar. ECA’s new publication, “Flight Plan to Safety”, offers a unique overview on the future (threats) for commercial aviation from the pilots’ perspective. Download the ECA Flight Plan here.



Civil Aviation Legislation & Oversight: Can it guarantee safety?Civil Aviation Legislation & Oversight: Can it guarantee safety?

The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig explosion, the Alaska Airlines flight 261 crash and the 2008 financial crisis are at first glance three unrelated tragic events. Yet, they do have one thing in common – these are telling examples of what can happen if management and oversight authorities are not up to the task of maintaining safety. Aviation, as a safety critical industry, requires great attention to how rules are developed and enforced. As part of ECA’s “Flight Plan to Safety”, civil aviation legislation and oversight are the topic of the second one in a series of publications identifying the key challenges to commercial air transport. Download your copy here.



ECA Pilot Training Compass: Back to the Future

The "Compass" was published in 2013, gathering the expertise and insights of pilot training experts from Europe and all across the globe, and is an open invitation to all stakeholders to have a fresh look at pilot training and to discuss with pilots what “learning to fly” really entails. This publication touches upon the overall scope of the pilot’s profession and training programs, including the selection principles and competencies necessary for airline pilots. Download a copy of the Pilot Training Compass here.


ECA Barometer on Pilot Fatigue

ECA Barometer on pilot fatigueFollowing a 2010-survey by the Norwegian public service broadcaster, NRK, which revealed that half of the pilots have fallen asleep or dozed off while on duty, ECA Member Associations have taken up the challenge of surveying pilots in Europe. The results of the surveys among more than 6 000 European pilots have now been compiled in the ‘Barometer on pilot fatigue’. Download your copy of the 'Barometer on pilot fatigue' (PDF 750KB) here.




ECA Study on Low Cost Carriers Upheaval in the European Skies - Low Cost Carriers in Europe

"Upheaval in the European Skies - Low Cost Carriers in Europe" is ECA's second study of the LCC phenomenon in Europe. This is an in-depth follow-up to ECA's first study (in 2002) and looks into the growing impact of LCCs on European Aviation, and how other types of carriers have reacted. It shows that the emergence and continued growth of LCCs have triggered the airline business models to migrate into eachother, with most types of airlines competing in the low fare market. While LCC growth rates will continue to be impressive, they are expected to level off and consolidation as well as mergers will be seen over the coming years. See the study "Upheaval in the European Skies - Low Cost Carriers in Europe"(PDF - 1.5 Mb) See also ECA Press Release on LCC Study

ECA TNA Booklet

ECA TNA Booklet "Transnational Representation and Collective Bargaining in Europe: The Pilots' Approach" is an ECA booklet published to coincide with the ECA TNA Seminar in November 2007. See the booklet "Transnational Representation and Collective Bargaining in Europe: The Pilots' Approach" (PDF - 2 Mb)




ECA Annual Reports

ECA's Annual Report briefly explains details about ECA's activities over the past year. Here is a list of ECA's Annual Reports since 2005 that may be downloaded.