Accident Investigation

ECA / IFATCA Template Advance Arrangements:

The European pilots’ community was very active all along the legislative process which led to the adoption of the new EU Accident Investigation Regulation in 2010. A clear-cut independence of safety investigation from prosecution and the related solid protection of sensitive safety data were the two key demands of ECA. After having contributed to this new Regulation, ECA, together with IFATCA, makes a further contribution to enhancing aviation safety: a template Advance Arrangement for the coordination between safety investigators and the judicial authorities in each Member State (article 12.3 of EU Regulation 996/2010).

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Learning the Lessons from Accidents

Accident Investigation Europe made an important step towards strengthening aviation safety through a new EU Accident Investigation Regulation, which had been adopted by the EU Institutions, in Oct. 2010. While making a number of substantial improvements compared to the previous EU legislation, several shortcomings in the new Regulation were not sufficiently addressed in the final compromise struck between EP and Council of Ministers. This is regrettable as it will not allow accident investigations to fully play their role as drivers for safety improvements, which aim at learning from accidents to prevent them from re-occurring. As safety professionals, pilots instinctively cooperate in such investigations and provide safety testimony. To ensure that crucial safety information is provided, it must be guaranteed that such testimony it not being used in criminal proceedings. Otherwise the information stops flowing – and the loser will be aviation safety.

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