Jul 9, 2014

Last week we were joined by over 70 ECA Member Association Representatives for our Annual ECA Conference in Brussels. And during the first day of our gathering, Europe’s pilot representatives voted in favour of ISRALPA & Moroccan ALPA joining ECA as Associate Members. The two associations have long observed the work at ECA and this is a step towards bringing them ever closer to the European pilot community.

Jun 10, 2014

Disruptive passengers continue to be a major issue and a serious threat to both safety and security of all those on board of an aircraft. The 2nd DISPAX World – opening today (10 June) in London – will address the causes of unruly passenger behaviour, the responses available and the implications for carriers and states. 

May 19, 2014

Apr 30, 2014

Remember the financial industry crisis in 2008? Now imagine the same principles of light touch, ‘performance-based’ and self-regulation were applied to air travel. The consequences would be alarming. In reality, today already, a combination of economic pressure and an aviation system that grows in traffic and in complexity is pushing the airlines to cut costs, reduce safety margins and push the regulations to their limits by flying strictly to what the law says is safe. And the law itself is often a near-image of an industry wish list, assuming that the market will regulate itself or the legislator will at a later stage correct any flaws.

Dec 4, 2013

Ensuring that the new EU-wide Flight Time Limitations are safe and scientifically-based, undoubtedly continued to be a top priority for ECA’s advocacy throughout 2013. Yet, along with this, ECA has made progress on a number of other initiatives and legislative actions. To encapsulate and reflect upon the year gone by, we have put together some of these achievements and highlights in the ECA Annual Report 2013.

Oct 7, 2013

On Tuesday and Wednesday pilots and cabin crew will attend the EP Plenary discussions and vote on Flight Time Limitations in Strasbourg. Watch this space for images and instant updates from the vote. Download the Pilot Flight Time Media pack by the EU Parliament press service here

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14:39 First reactions after the FTL vote

Jun 13, 2013

On 18 June, European pilots and cabin crew representatives raised concerns about the proposed new Rules for Flight and Duty Time limitations at a Parliamentary Hearing in the EU Transport Committee. This public hearing was an opportunity for MEPs to take an informed decision and to learn about the serious safety loopholes in the EASA proposal, before accepting or rejecting the rules in the autumn.

Apr 12, 2013

The 68th IFALPA Annual Conference, one of the world’s largest events for pilots’ associations, is officially underway today in Dublin, Ireland.

Feb 21, 2013

Dynamic changes in civil aviation have direct implications for the industry’s more than 8 million workers worldwide, including pilots. To discuss the economic crisis in the civil aviation industry and other issues of sustainability, ECA is taking part in and contributes to the Global Dialogue Forum, 20-22 Feb 2013, organised by the International Labour Organisation.

Feb 7, 2013

On 06 Feb, the Irish Airline Pilots' Association (IALPA) and ECA discussed the newly proposed EU Flight Time Limitation rules with the Joint Oireachtas Transport Committee in Dublin.